Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

Trusted strength and durability. Our line of YAWAL® aluminum window models are versatile and suitable for projects of all scales, from commercial façades to custom residential homes. They offer the best overall performance, unrivalled among North American standard window systems.



Aluminum Mullion Curtain Wall Facade System FA 50N

The FA 50N system is designed for mullion curtain walls. This window system is classified as one of best curtain wall systems available on the market, in terms of its thermal and acoustic insulation, water tightness, and wind load resistance.

  • – Aluminum window frame
  • – Colour: available in all RAL colours
  • – Tremendous flexibility for constructions of various shapes and dimensions
  • – Customize with a wide variety of masking strips
  • – Profile bending and photovoltaic cells are available upon request
  • – Use in combination with other YAWAL® systems

NANO System

NANO Aluminum Curtain Wall Facade System

The NANO system is designed for modern architecture to create double skin curtain walls.  The so-called “second skin” consists of the external layer, from which the structural glazing is hung. The aluminum frame, constructed of mullions, gives you the flexibility and freedom to design unique shapes. 

  • – Aluminum window frame
    – Use in combination with other YAWAL® systems
  • – Protects the building’s façade from atmospheric conditions
    – Create individual and unique shapes
  • – Large-scale glazing for large spaces requiring a fixed window, such as corridors or commercial buildings 
  • – Create spaces with incredible views 
    – Improved thermal and acoustic insulation of commercial and residential buildings
    – Prestigious and modern façade


YAWAL BOND Aluminum Spandrel Panel for Facade Curtain Walls

YAWAL BOND is a composite panel system used for creating internal and external wall cladding, façade layers, and filling in light curtain walls of skeleton construction. This spandrel panel is placed on each floor of a building, covering the structural elements of each story, such as brickwork. The result is a smooth transition of windows, especially curtain walls, from one story to another. 

  • – Great selection of colours
  • – Excellent weather resistance with temperature amplitude from – 50°C to +80°C
  • – The composite material maintains its stability, even in the toughest conditions
  • – Unparalleled impact strength, pressure, and high crushing strength
  • – High sound absorption properties of curtain walls
  • – Possible processing methods: cutting, milling, bending, pressing, drilling, rolling and gouging
  • – Resistant to UV radiation and chemical agents
  • – Harmless for the environment
  • – Classified as NRO – fire resistant

Accordion & Tilt-and-turn Window SysteM

Aluminum Accordion Folding Doors | Aluminum Tilt-and-Turn Windows

Complement your home’s architectural design with the durability and weather resistance of aluminum. Choose from our three tilt-and-turn aluminum profiles: TM 74 HI, TM 77 HI, and TM 102 HI systems. The construction of these profiles allows for many possible arrangements, such as accordion/folding systems and several opening versions. The square-edged profile complements puristic design and brings in plenty of natural light. The multipoint locking system provides outstanding safety and security, up to resistance class RC2.

    • – Aluminum window frame, both interior and exterior
    • – Colour: available in all RAL colours
    • – Highly durable profiles which can be used for the production of heavy, large-scale projects
      – Thermal spacers provide excellent energy efficiency and sound reduction
    • – Triple glazing for high performance, with several glass options available
      – Use in combination with other YAWAL® systems
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