Diagram showing the composition of the layer of the powder coating of aluminium

Aluminium Powder Coating Treatment

Aluminium clad windows are increasingly becoming the smart choice for homebuilders. Environmentally friendly, durable, weather-resistant and easy to maintain, aluminuim has therefore become a popular choice. Aluminium is equipped with very good natural corrosion protection as a thin transparent oxide layer forms already on the blank metal surface. Based on qualitative considerations, the surface of … Continue reading Aluminium Powder Coating Treatment

The picture shows the i-tec core technology in the core of the wood.


WHAT IS I-TEC CORE TECHNOLOGY? I-Tec Core Technology is a new and innovative technology that is exclusive to Internorm windows. This technology makes the strength of the wood unrivalled. It is consequently, used to design windows that offer more stability, resistance and individuality. Using the new I-tec core technology, thin, bonded layers of wood are … Continue reading I-TEC CORE TECHNOLOGY

Showcasing Internorm KF405 Window


THE INTERNORM KF 405 WINDOW -UPVC OR UPVC/ALUMINUM WINDOW The Internorm KF 405 window can be of all UPVC in classic white or a combination of UPVC/Aluminum. It has a captivating and a consistent design and comes with a straight, square-edged, narrow window frame. This consequently reflects the minimalistic architectural design of the window. The … Continue reading INTERNORM KF 405 Window

HF 410 Ambiente Passive House Certified Window Wood Aluminum Windows NeuFenster

HF 410

HF 410- ALUMINIUM TIMBER WINDOW The HF 410 is a puristic Internorm aluminium timber window that meets the highest demands for heat protection. Thin, bonded layers of wood in the core is the technology of HF 410. This profile is especially suitable for homes located near waterfronts, areas of high humidity and damp climates. The … Continue reading HF 410

Home Soft Windows


What are Net-Zero Homes? Net-Zero Homes are alternative green building structures which are on the rise in order to tackle the climate change emergency. These homes are strategically designed to cut down the green-house gas (GHG) emissions. In fact, these emissions are the principle polluters. From leaving the lights on unaware to blasting the thermostat … Continue reading NET-ZERO HOMES

Solar Passive House Alberta Insulated Energy Efficient Homes

How do Passive House windows reduce your energy expenses?

PASSIVE HOUSE WINDOWS How do Passive House windows reduce your energy expenses? A Passive House is thoughtfully designed to reduce energy consumption by 90% in a home. It improves the air quality, insulation, durability, and overall comfort experienced in a home. The design takes into account the functional elements within a home and it's external … Continue reading How do Passive House windows reduce your energy expenses?

I-Tec Window Technology Passive House Windows Energy Efficient NeuFenster

Differences between PVC and UPVC

PVC vs. UPVC WINDOWS PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) are two types of vinyl. They are widely used in the construction industry as they are versatile and flexibile . Due to their flexibility, they can be converted into various shapes. However, they serve different functions. PVC is often used to make siding … Continue reading Differences between PVC and UPVC

Gasket Window Seals European Triple Glazed Windows Weatherproof Durable Energy Efficient Windows and Doors


What are window and door gaskets? Gaskets are mechanical seals which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression. A gasket seals the sash to the frame so as to prevent anything from entering the window or door. Things like dust, debris, air, … Continue reading GASKETS FOR AIRTIGHT WINDOWS

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Dealership Opportunity with NeuFenster

Excellent dealership opportunity for window and door specialists in Canada! Are you looking for a Window Dealership? NeuFenster by Internorm is looking for experienced window/door dealers. With over 25 years of high end window and door experience, we introduced the premium Austrian window and door manufacturer -Internorm, to the Canadian market in 2015. We are … Continue reading Dealership Opportunity with NeuFenster

Triple Glazed Windows European Windows NeuFenster

A peek into the performance of European windows and North-American windows

 Windows are indispensable components of homes and buildings. Every homeowner or a builder will invest time, energy and money in buying good quality windows and doors for their properties.  In the windows and doors market, there are two main types of windows that have been prominent. They are the North American Windows and the European … Continue reading A peek into the performance of European windows and North-American windows