New Internorm dealer opening soon in Kingston, Ontario!

We, Internorm By NeuFenster are very proud to announce our newest dealer, Cornerstone Building Supplies in Kingston, Ontario. With growing interest and demand for Internorm products in Canada, branching out into different dealerships is the way to go! We are happy that this dealership increases the accessibility of our products around the region of Kingston.

Mason Laframboise is the owner of Cornerstone Building Supplies. Mason Laframboise is the founder and owner of Laframboise Construction, where he has devoted the last seven years to building his company. He is a resident of Kingston Ontario, where he was born and raised. His strong background in business stems from his early involvement in the family business.

Here are a few questions that we asked Mason Laframboise regarding the dealership with Internorm By NeuFenster:

Interviewer : How did you hear about Internorm products? Why did you want to start the dealership with Internorm By NeuFenster?

Mason Laframboise: Well, to be honest, I hadn’t heard of NeuFenster by Internorm till I started googling for high-quality, high-performance windows. When I did, I found these products amazing and in no time, I contacted Imre Máté, the Director of Business Development at NeuFenster and we happened to get along quite well. I definitely wanted to have these products in my showroom and that was how, we decided to strike the dealership with Internorm by NeuFenster.

Interviewer: How was Cornerstone Building Supplies Established?

M L: Having been in the construction industry and working with clients for custom homes mainly, I realized that there was a lot of running errands to different places in order to fetch various building materials that were required for construction. And, dealing with multiple-high end building supplies all over the town can be really frustrating!

Therefore, I realized that there was a strong need to have everything at one location where clients, designers, architects and contractors can find what they need in one place. This pushed me to establish a one-stop store for all the premium products needed for building a custom home in and around the Kingston region. Our goal is to provide an experience, like no other, a building supply store that high end users will feel comfortable in. If there was a one stop shop for high-end building supplies, it would save all parties time and money.

Cornerstone has hired Stuart Dekroon, who has owned/managed building supplies stores for over 30 years. He is the current manager at Cornerstone Building Supplies and we continuously utilize his knowledge to further the success of the store.

I: Do you think Internorm products have an edge over the other brands in the window and door market in Canada? How do they set the product line apart from the other brands?

M L: Internorm products are 20 years more advanced when compared with their North American counterparts. It’s also extremely unprecedented where every single part of the window is manufactured within the company. Every part of the window ranging from the well-designed frame to the variety of front and side doors, automatic electronic features like i-tec innovations to a strong hardware including triple glazed glass. In other words, there’s no competitor that has all of these in one frame! I’m pretty excited about this dealership.

I: As a dealer of the premium Internorm products, what are some of the challenges that you face in selling these products? And how do you deal with these challenges?

M L: Well, it’s about educating the customers regarding making a smarter choice for what the product offers. Educating them about the differences in the features, the price quotes, the sustainability of the products, comparisons, etc. and explaining to them that for the negligible increase in price for these products, they offer a whole lot more benefits that go a long way!

I: Lastly, focusing on the issue of climate crisis and how construction industry can help handling this, how do you think Internorm products will be contributing to building solutions in Canada?

M L: With buildings and construction together accounting for about 36%  of global energy use and 39% of energy related C02 emissions annually, according to the United Nations Environment Program, the industry needs to change rapidly.

Canada’s construction industry is worth $171 billion a year and employs more than 1.2 million people. It also consumes 40 per cent of the country’s energy and 50 per cent of its primary resources. Getting the new building code right is a balancing act. Windows are therefore, an important part of energy performance of a building. There needs to be a shift in the way we think about costs; the capital costs of building more resiliently and more efficiently are higher. Hence, the need for high-performance windows for better and extra insulation. With more efficient buildings, there is better quality. We need to pay more attention to sealing gaps to prevent heat loss, which leads structures to last longer

I: Thank you very much Mason, for spending the time to talk to us in detail about this dealership and we wish you the very best!

M L: You’re most welcome!

 Come visit the store and check out the amazing line of Internorm products.

Cornerstone Building Supplies

865 Gardiners Road,

Kingston, ON K7M 3Y4.

For further details regarding the products, price quotes and services, please contact, or call 613-484-6186.


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