Gaskets – Properly Sealed Windows and Doors


What are window and door gaskets? How do they contribute to the weatherproofing of your home?

A gasket seals the sash to the frame so as to prevent anything from entering the window or door, such as dust, debris, air, water, etc. Many common issues result from poorly sealed windows. The number of gaskets within the window system can have a great effect on the durability of the hardware, as well as the window’s overall energy efficiency. 

Window Gasket Weatherproofing Sealing Windows and Doors High Performance European Windows

Weather Protection

Gasket #1 – The first gasket seals and protects the sash from the elements. High-performance, especially passive house windows, improve a home’s air quality due to their superior airtightness. The airtight properties of Internorm windows prevent dust, allergens, and air from permeating through the gasket, therefore eliminating the presence of condensation and mould. Lastly, the chamber between gasket #1 and gasket #2 drains water through weep holes to keep your home dry and healthy.

Window Gasket Airtight Windows and Doors High Performance Energy Efficient Homes


Gasket #2 – Most manufacturers only offer 2 gaskets, which results in difficulties operating the window overtime, as water continuously falls onto the hardware. Internorm goes above the industry norm to provide maximum durability with 3 continuous gaskets. Gasket #2 protects the hardware from moisture, avoiding rust and functional issues resulting from long-term exposure to water or humidity. Proper sealing makes for easy window cleaning and very little maintenance.

Window Gasket Soundproof Windows and Doors High Performance Triple Pane Windows

Maximum Comfort

Gasket #3 – The final seal ensures a calm and comfortable interior with improved sound reduction values and stable temperatures. Enjoy peace and quiet with sound reduction up 47 dB! The chamber construction along with the triple glazing and gasket system optimize thermal transmission with consistent temperatures throughout your home all year round. Sit comfortably next to your windows without drafts.

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