Lift and Slide Doors

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Lift And Slide Doors

Available in

Upvc & UPVC – Aluminum    |    Wood – Aluminum

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Lift and Slide

Available in

Upvc & Upvc – Aluminum

Wood – Aluminum

Blur the lines

Floor-to-ceiling glass corners are a creative way to add grandeur and openness to both interior and exterior living spaces. Our Lift and Slide Doors are perfectly fitted to your home’s unique qualities with custom design solutions, finishes, colours, and more. 

Large Dimensions

Watch openings of up to 21 ft wide disappear with a single stroke. Thanks to our large-scale glazing production, large sash dimensions and weights up to 400 kg can be achieved. Enjoy expansive views and a stunning aesthetic with our selection of opening choices.

Design Options

High Performance

  • Triple Pane Glazing
  • Fiberglass Low Threshold Design
  • UW as low as 0.64 W/m²K
  • Excellent Sound Reduction
Custom European Lift and Slide Aluminum Wood Doors Triple Glazed Low U Value Sliding Doors
High Performance Lift and Slide Doors Triple Glazed Aluminum European Sliding Doors NeuFenster Canada

Security Features

  • Toughened Glass Panes
  • Standard Multipoint Locking System
  • Alarm Sensors Available
  • Child Safety Locks


Comfort Drive

  • Smooth Electronic Operation
  • Hidden Retractable Handle
  • Smart Home Integration Available
  • Child Safety Settings
Upvc & Upvc - Aluminum
European Lift and Slide Doors High Performance Low U Value Upvc Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors
  • UPVC interior
  • UPVC or Aluminum clad exterior
  • Concealed locking
  • Superior thermal efficiency & soundproofing
Wood - Aluminum
European Lift and Slide Doors Triple Glazed Energy Efficient Wood Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors
  • Wood interior
  • Aluminum clad exterior
  • Concealed locking
  • Excellent thermal efficiency & soundproofing
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