Lift and Slide Doors

Lift & Slide

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living with our Lift and Slide Doors. Seamlessly expand your living spaces to balconies or patios with a single stroke. Thanks to large-scale glazing up to 21 ft wide, you can let the light flood into your home and create the illusion of more space.

Triple-pane glazing and glass fibre thresholds provide excellent thermal efficiency. Choose from a variety of glass options, including UV protection, glare protection, and more. Our lift-and-slide doors are available in UPVC, UPVC – Aluminum, and Wood – Aluminum.


  • – Standard toughened glass panes protect from injuries when glass breakage occurs
    – Energy efficient glass fiber threshold for optimum thermal insulation and stability
    – Unlimited choice of colors, due to aluminum exterior surface
    – Burglary protection: resistance classes RC1N and RC2 available upon request
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