Lift and Slide Doors

lift & slide

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living with our Lift and Slide Doors. Separate interior living spaces or seamlessly expand your home to the outdoors. Thanks to large-scale glazing, you can let the light flood into your living spaces and create the illusion of a more space.

Scroll down to our PANORAMA HX 300 Window model if you are in search of a large-scale window option. This fixed window model is ideal for an expansive modern aesthetic due to its frameless design.  A perfect addition to our Lift and Slide Doors.


  • – Standard toughened glass panes protect from injuries when glass breakage occurs
    – Energy efficient glass fiber threshold for optimum thermal insulation and stability
    – Unlimited choice of colors, due to aluminium surface
    – Burglary protection: resistance classes RC1N and RC2 available upon request


The technologically advanced construction connection creates a frameless appearance, making your living spaces appear brighter and creating the illusion of transparency. Other window systems and insulated glass can be used in combination with this window model. Choose from several glass options, including UV protection, glass thickness, glare protection, and much more.

  • – Frameless glass architecture
  • – Open bright living environment
  • – Create unlimited freedom with several design options
  • – Use in combination with other Internorm window and door systems

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