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Noise-Free Windows: Experience Peace and Tranquility with the Best Noise Reduction Solutions


July 21, 2023

A quiet indoor environment allows us to escape the constant commotion and outside noise of the world. It enables us to relax, unwind, and recharge our minds and bodies, providing an opportunity for deep concentration, enhanced productivity, and improved cognitive performance. A peaceful ambiance also promotes better quality sleep, reducing the risk of sleep disorders and fostering a more restorative rest.

But in a world so polluted with noise, how can we achieve such a peaceful indoor environment? The solution is as simple as noise-free windows.

Noise Pollution Basics and the Detrimental Effects On Our Health

Noise pollution has been proven to disrupt our lives by disturbing our peace and harmony, while also having a significant impact on our overall health. This includes excessive and intrusive noises like loud neighbors, traffic noise, or loud machinery, the prolonged effect of which can negatively impact our well-being. Unfortunately, the negative health effects of noise exposure are often severely overlooked.

Extended exposure to high levels of noise can lead to complex health issues such as stress, sleep troubles, and hearing loss. It also interferes with our ability for concentration and productivity, often causing us to feel on edge, frustrated, or angry. For these reasons, creating a quiet, serene indoor environment is essential for our overall well-being, providing a place to retreat to for relaxation and repose.

How to Reduce Outside Noise in Our Homes

When it comes to reducing noise pollution from sources such as traffic, construction, or aircrafts, there are several effective recommendations one can implement into their home to significantly reduce excessive noise and improve quality of life:

  • Soundproof your windows with thicker glazing: The average homeowner in Canada uses dual pane windows. These windows, however, prove to be much less efficient than their European triple-glazed counterparts. The additional pane in the triple-glazed window allows for advanced noise reduction, ensuring a noticeable difference in noise, while their superior energy efficiency also reduces your carbon footprint in the process. Studies show that triple pane windows reduce heat loss by 30% in comparison to those that own double pane windows, ensuring not only a quieter home, but also a more energy efficient one.
  • Sealing and weather-stripping: The efficiency of your windows, be it double or triple paned, is entirely dependent on correct installation, which involves properly addressing the gaps and cracks around windows, doors, and walls. By ensuring that all cracks and gaps around your windows and doors are properly sealed, you will notice that it is doubly an extremely effective method of keeping exterior noise at bay. Use weather-stripping or draft stoppers to seal air leaks and block noise from infiltrating your living spaces.

Eliminating Noise Pollution with Noise Reduction Windows

Soundproof windows employ a combination of specialized techniques and materials to effectively block sound waves and absorb energy. Let's explore some of the key features that make noise reduction windows a standout solution for combating unwanted noise pollution:

Multiple Panes of Glass

Unlike the traditional double pane windows, soundproof windows consist of multiple layers of glass separated by an air or gas-filled space, providing a form of insulation. This includes both double glazed windows and triple glazed windows; the more glass panels, the more effective. The additional glass panel disrupts and dissipates sound energy, reducing its impact on the interior space.

Laminated Glass

Noise reduction windows often incorporate specialized laminated glass. This unique glass construction consists of layers of glass fused with an interlayer of sound-dampening material, such as PVB.

As sound passes through the window, the interlayer dissipates a significant portion of the sound energy, preventing it from transmitting into the room. This results in a noticeable reduction in sound transmission, creating a quieter and more peaceful ambiance indoors.

Insulated Window Frames

The frames of soundproof windows are engineered for optimal insulation, minimizing the infiltration of air and noise through cracks and gaps. Crafted from specialized materials, a soundproof window frame absorbs and dissipates sound energy, effectively reducing the impact of external noise.

They also play a vital role in dampening vibrations caused by sound waves, preventing noise from entering and amplifying within your home. With their effective sealing, an insulated window frame minimizes the invasion of external noise, creating a serene, calming indoor environment.

Air space Between Panes

By acoustically engineering the airspace between double or triple pane windows, noise reduction windows disrupt the transfer of sound waves. The gap between the glass panes acts as a crucial buffer against external noise.

Its width directly impacts the window's effectiveness in blocking sound. A wider airspace allows sound waves to dissipate and lose more energy, resulting in greater noise reduction. Balancing the airspace width with other window components is crucial in maintaining adequate structural integrity and performance.

What Makes Internorm Noise Reducing Windows the Best Soundproof Windows in Canada?

Internorm noise reduction windows are renowned for their exceptional ability to block sound from external sources, allowing you to enjoy a tranquil indoor environment. You may be wondering what makes Internorm leading window manufacturers within Canada, and why their noise reducing windows stand out from competitors, so let's explore the various reasons.

Innovative Sound Proofing Technology

To create such an exceptional barrier against external noise, Internorm noise reduction windows employ cutting-edge technology that sets them apart. These windows are engineered with a combination of multiple glass layers, specialized laminated glass, and carefully designed window frames, all of which contribute to creating the best soundproofing windows. Internorm's innovative integration of UPVC and triple pane windows offer significant protection from environmental noise pollution, providing superior sound reduction of up to 47 decibels.

Triple Pane Windows

By adding an extra layer of glass and two insulating spaces, triple pane windows create a thicker barrier that effectively blocks the transmission of sound waves. This additional layer acts as a formidable obstacle, reducing the amount of external noise that infiltrates through the window and into your living space.

The increased mass and thickness of the multiple glass layers disrupt sound vibrations, preventing them from penetrating the interior space. These proven benefits are why Internorm puts to use the triple glazed unit model.

Customized Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Every unique construction comes with its own set of distinct soundproofing requirements. That’s why Internorm offers timber-aluminum composite windows, uPVC aluminum composite windows, and uPVC windows. They offer all of these windows in various thicknesses, colors, and styles to perfectly fit the needs and aesthetics of any building, ensuring not only the highest quality of practicality and utility with their products, but also the highest standard of style and visual appeal.

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Long-Term Durability

Each window undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and longevity. By choosing Internorm noise reduction windows, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in windows that will continue to deliver exceptional soundproofing benefits for years to come.

Optimize Your Soundproof Windows with Professional Installation by a Team of Licensed Specialists

The installation of soundproof windows plays a crucial role in optimizing their noise reducing capabilities. A tight and secure seal, elimination of all air leaks, and precise alignment of the windows directly impact the effectiveness of sound reducing windows. For these reasons, it is essential to put your trust in licensed, experienced specialists that can guarantee the highest quality of installation.

NeüFenster's expert installation services bring precision to every installation, ensuring a flawless fit that minimizes gaps and maximizes sound insulation. With superior seal integrity, NeüFenster creates an airtight barrier that keeps external noise out, creating a serene indoor environment. Contact NeüFenster today for your Montreal and Toronto and Québec city noise reducing windows installation service!

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