European Tilt and Turn Windows

Signature European Flare & Quality


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UPVC    |    UPVC – Aluminum    |    Wood – Aluminum

European Flare & Quality

Tilt & Turn Windows

Available in

Upvc   |   Upvc – Aluminum  |   Wood – Aluminum

Custom Tilt Turn Windows and Doors European Upvc Aluminum Wood Windows NeuFenster Canada

Design without compromise.

Custom Design Options

  • Modern to Traditional Styles
  • Colours & Specialty Finishes
  • Decorative Elements
  • Hardware & Hinges

All Round Protection.

Security features

  • Standard Multipoint Locking System
  • Superior Burglary Protection
  • Sensors & Motorization Available
  • Child Safety Locks
Windows and Doors with Multipoint Locking System and Child Safety Locks High Security Windows

Maximum comfort.

Energy Efficiency

  • Triple Glazed and Gasket Construction
  • Optional Frame & Sash Insulation
  • Passive House Certified Models
  • UW as low as 0.60 W/m²K

Upvc Windows

Classic Upvc Interior & Exterior

Upvc Windows

Classic Upvc Interior & Exterior
Most Energy Efficient Triple Pane Windows European Upvc Vinyl Tilt Turn Windows

UPVC windows are affordable, durable, insensitive to moisture, and have low conductivity. No surprise that this material is an excellent choice for window and door construction.

The classic white frame brightens interior spaces and adds contrast to the home’s façade. For a pop of colour, choose from our selection of colour foils for the interior or exterior.

Upvc - Aluminum Windows

Upvc Interior & Aluminum Exterior

Upvc - Aluminum Windows

Upvc Interior & Aluminum Exterior

Aluminum Clad Upvc European Windows Vinyl Energy Efficient Triple Glazed Windows

Aluminum cladding offers additional weather resistance and longevity to the UPVC frame. A perfect combination – a low maintenance interior surface and the robust qualities of aluminum on the exterior.

Aluminum creates a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. It can be coated in any RAL colour of your choice. For long-term protection, anodization is also available upon request. 

Wood - Aluminum Windows

Wood Interior & Aluminum Exterior

Wood - Aluminum Windows

Wood Interior & Aluminum Exterior

Wood Aluminum Clad European Tilt Turn Triple Glazed Passive House Windows Canada

A wood frame not only brings warm tones into your home, but also provides superior thermal efficiency. Our wood-aluminum models reach the highest energy-efficient standards in the industry, including Passive House and Net Zero requirements.

Choose from a variety of wood types and stains, as well as your choice of any RAL colour for the aluminum exterior. 

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