UPVC Aluminum Window KV 350

KV 350 Upvc - Aluminum Window with Integrated Blinds

Routine cleaning of individual slats is a thing of the past. This composite window conveniently integrates blinds in between the glass panes, for maintenance-free sun and privacy protection. Enjoy the comfort of your home with Choose between the Home Pure square-edged profile and the Ambiente rounded-edged traditional design.

All Internorm integrated blinds can be powered by a self-sufficient photovoltaic panel. Therefore, no external power source is needed thanks to I-tec Shading. The blinds can be operated with a control panel, remote control, and the I-tec SmartWindow mobile application.  I-tec Glazing ensures excellent stability due to the all-round bonding of the glass pane.

Read more about Internorm I-tec Innovations.

KV 350 Home Pure uPVC Aluminum Window with Integrated Blinds NeuFenster
KV 350 Ambiente uPVC Aluminum Window with Integrated Blinds NeuFenster
Photovoltaic Blinds NeuFenster Window Shading Triple Glazed Windows
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  • Thermal Efficiency
    UW as low as 0.79 W/m²K
  • Sound Reduction
    Up to 44 dB
  • Security
    Resistance classes RC1N, RC2 | Exposed locking
  • Construction Depth
    74 mm
  • Shading Options
    Venetian blinds, Duette®, or Photovolatic blinds
  • Download Specification Sheet

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